About Molecules of Emotion

“Molecules of Emotion” or as I have affectionally called them… MoE’s, though some of my friends call them…”MoE-Art” or “Moz-art”, mmmm, but feel free to make up your own tags.

Why Molecules of Emotion ?

Molecules of Emotion are made up from what I call the ” Magic 10″. Ten chemicals which we all share e.g. testosterone, estrogen, etc. The “Magic 10″ form a base line of my artistic concept, on which they act on and in anatomical structures which form a matrix in which MoE’s exist.

There are many expressive words for our emotions, here are just a few:

Affection, Anger, Angst, Annoyance, Anxiety, Apathy, Awe, Boredom, Contempt, Curiosity, Depression, Desire, Despair, Disappointment, Disgust, Ecstasy, Embarrassment, Empathy, Envy, Euphoria, Fear, Frustration, Gratitude, Grief, Guilt. Happiness, Hatred, Hope, Horror, Hostility, Hysteria, Indifference, Interest, Jealousy, Joy, Loathing, Loneliness, Love, Lust, Pity, Pride, Rage, Regret, Remorse, Sadness, Satisfaction, Shame, Shock, Suffering.

Each word can be exchanged for stronger words depending on the strength of the emotions. The combinations of mixed emotions will just add another dimension to my work.

Since writing this I have completed a fine arts degree, part of the course entailed writing an artist statement, one that is focused and more applicable to my work today:

One of the frontiers of scientific research that is still in its infancy is the study of the brain. Though new medical imaging techniques such as diffusion tensor imaging and magnetic resonance imaging have made it possible to see structures and functionality within the brain with amazing results, there is much that we do not understand. Having had a professional background within the subject of anatomy, including human cadaver dissection, it has been a natural progression to incorporate my past experiences into my sculptural practice.

I focused my attention on an area of the brain known as the medulla oblongata I considered that the best analogy would be that of a railway junction, and an extremely busy one at that. Thousands of messages are being parceled up and transported backwards and forwards between the body and the brain. Science has provided us with knowledge that indicates the electrical and biological mechanics that enables the system to work, although you need to consider that every message is different and through my sculpture am trying to visualize those message containers.

The research I have conducted over the last twelve months, looking at microscopy of the brain tissues has had some influence on the forms I have been making. The most significant influence is through many hours of drawing and visual notation, at times just allowing the brain to flow freely from distractions and discover through its own actions the forms that develop. When it comes to creating pieces that are constructed with an approach that I refer to as “open thinking” it enables the forms to evolve in a non-constricted way. In a sense following an intuitive making process that comes from the unpredictability of the material [expanding foam] as they develop naturally resulting in strange and “otherworldly” life forms.

One needs to consider the construction of the pieces. Basically they are made from “trash” paper, foam and aluminium wire, yet we see intriguing and unusual forms that require the viewer to investigate further what these sculptures are saying. The unusual surfaces covered with sand or paint brings a variety of sensual surfaces and orifices that lead one into the interior of the work are suggestive and open to your interpretation. This invites the viewer to ask searching questions as to their origins, function, purpose and meaning.

The work is suspended in air, heavy objects appearing to float, yet this belies the lightness of the pieces which allows for the slightness of air movement by passersby to cause the work to rotate adding more sensations to the visual experience. I incorporate furniture into the space, an idea appropriated from the Austrian artist Franz West in order to add the elements of conviviality and audience participation.

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